About Us

Welcome to Phanerosis Global Platform

Phanerosis Global Platform is a Non-governmental organization founded by Young Francophone Entrepreneurs living in Ghana and operating in diverse Economic sectors in the Ghanaian economy.

Therefore our purpose is to promote the economic and social culture of the Francophone African countries in Ghana and at the same time promote the economic and social culture of Ghana in the Francophone African countries.
Our organization purposely places herself in the optic to bridge the gap between Francophone African countries and the Anglophone African countries in favor of a mutual and beneficial exchange both Culturally and Economically.

The Founders of Phanerosis Global Platform place themselves in a context of portraying the talented young generation and gather youths from all over Africa on a network of Cultural and Economic exchange in order to strengthen the bond that exist on the continent.

Since September 2006, Ghana became an Associate member of La Francophonie. However being surrounded by French speaking countries, we can observe that only 1% of the Ghanaian population writes and speaks the French language. 


To become the greatest platform of Regional Economic Integration fostering the sustainable development of African SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Youths and other Private Sector actors.


1) Lobbying for Funding for Entrepreneurs, Startups and SMEs/VSIs

2) Promoting the Exportation and Implantation of African SMEs across the continent and the world.

3) Promoting French in Anglophone countries and also promoting English in Francophone countries within Africa for fostering and enhancing effective communication during intra trade activities.

4) Promoting Entrepreneurship within the Young African generation as wealth creating tool necessary for the continent’s development.



Conferences and Forums

Organising conferences and forums to sensitize the Young African Generation on cultural and economic issues within the African continent.

The Youth of Africa

To regroup the youths of Africa and the world on a platform for an intercultural exchange in a peaceful environment.

Entrepreneurial Integration

To promote the socio-professional and entrepreneurial integration as a tool for creating wealth and integration on the African continent.


To cultivate business networking habits in the youths as a working tool for success and value-added within the African continent and the rest of the world.

Small and Medium size Enterprises

To help the young generation operating in the domain of Entrepreneurship and in SME (Small and Medium size Enterprises) to share and export their expertise for a prosperous and sustainable development in Africa and the world.

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